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    Guaranteed Best Carpet Steam Cleaning in Brisbane, Ipswich & Logan.

    Revitalise, Renew, Repair and Restore

    Steam cleaning is an effective cleaning method that keeps your carpet dirt and grime free. Below you will see the 5 benefits of using our carpet steam cleaning method.

    Our team uses the highest of quality equipment and chemicals including hot water extract truck mount machine to get the best results for your carpets.

    - High heat
    - High suction
    - Low pressure

    Deluxe Cleaning Group also offers enzyme and spot treatment suited to your carpet type. Needing extra care due to pets, children or general staining talk to our team when booking to see how special treatments can assist with your carpets today.

    Additional Treatments

    Spot removal - suited to remove paint, ink, grease.

    Citraboost - additional pre-spray formula to add an extra boost in removal build up soil and markings.

    Enzyme treatment - used to remove urine odour smell trapped in the carpet fibres

    Deluxe Cleaning Group cannot guarantee to remove all marks/ stains regardless if treatments have been included.

    Incredible Results


    Carpet steam cleaning can kill the germs and bacterial making your carpet 99.9 percent clean without using potentially harmful chemicals.

    Using only a pre-spray sanitiser prior to steam cleaning and a deodouriser on completion are the only

    chemicals used in this process. Both solutions are non-toxic or harmful.

    Carpet steam cleaning uses heat and water which creates a safe environment for people with allergy.

    It won’t trigger allergy reaction or create any respiratory problems at all.

    We now also offer an anti-allergen spray/ deodouriser (additional charges may be applied).

    Increase your carpet life by steam cleaning carpets and removing trapped pollutants, clear out dust mite infections, help prevent mould growth and help revitalise, renew and repair your carpets.

    The non toxic nature of steam cleaning makes your home a safer environment for your children and pets. Your precious ones can get in contact directly with your carpet without worrying of chemicals that can burn their eyes, cause skin allergies or illnesses.

    Aside from the health benefits and its effectiveness, steam cleaning only uses water and hot water, commercial grade chemcials, and truckmount machine, this method is also quite affordable.

    (Additional cleaning products/treatments may be needed on really bad stains but are included in the price).
    Make your carpet ready for friends and family, get your carpets steam cleaned.


    Carpets to be pre-vacuumed by owner before-hand or an additional fee will be charged.


    STAGE 1

    carpet is pre-sprayed with carpeted shampoo best to suit your type of carpet and soaked for 5-10mins. This chemical will help break down the dirt making it easier to clean.


    STAGE 2

    Any spots or stains are treated if discussed in booking. Fee is charged for any stain/ spot removal.


    STAGE 3

    Carpet is steam cleaned using a hot water extraction truck mount. This is hot water being injected through the fibres and then being instantly vacuumed back up taking the dirt with it.


    STAGE 4

    Deodoriser is then sprayed across all areas. This will keep your carpets fresher for longer.
    Get a free quote from us !

    We unfortunately cannot guarantee all stains can be removed through our carpet steam cleaning as this will depend on carpet quality, type of stain and time period of stain. However it is definitely in your best interest to get a free quote from Deluxe using the button below.

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